"Low-Fat, Low-Calorie, Low-Carb... They Only Make You FAT!"

It might be hard to swallow, but it's true.

Let's look at this logically. Wouldn't you be willing to endure a week or two of low-fat, low-calorie foods if you knew it meant you got to shave off 10 pounds that you'd never have to see again?

You probably already HAVE tried that -

...and yet you're still here, on this website, trying to figure out how to melt your fat off.

People just like you and I have been misled for a LONG time. But check it out:

Low Calorie Diets Don't Work. In fact they're the worst possible thing you can do for your body. Your body ends up slowing down, you feel depleted of energy, and you ruin all chances of losing weight. Sure - you might lose a few pounds the first few days, but then the weight loss comes to an abrupt halt (more on that later).

Low Fat Foods Don't Work. Low fat foods have been all the rage since the 70's, yet people are getting even fatter. This alone should tell you that low fat foods is not the answer to melting fat off.

Low Carb Diets Don't Work. Not only are these far too strict and too hard for most people to live with, but they're outrageously unhealthy. They suck out all your energy and make it almost impossible to stick with. Besides that - get off the diet and watch how fast any weight lost comes back.

What About Dieting Plans Like Weight Watchers Or Jenny Craig? Nope. First of all those diets involve much slower dieting progress than necessary. You can melt fat off a lot faster than that while still being healthy. Besides, these types of programs want you to buy their supplements and foods so that you're stuck on them for life. I much prefer a lifestyle change that you can implement yourself and stick to without feeling neglected.

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